PnL Calculation

Understanding Profit and Loss (PnL) is crucial to managing investments and making informed decisions. Traders have insight into the PnL of their past trades in the 'Account' page at

Unrealized PnL: The profit and loss not yet realized from closing an open position. It is calculated as the difference between the entry and current index prices multiplied by the position quantity.

Unralized PnL={Position Size×(Index PriceEntry Price)if Long,Position Size×(Entry PriceIndex Price)if Short.\text{Unralized PnL} = \begin{cases} \text{Position Size}\times \big(\text{Index Price} - \text{Entry Price}\big) \quad &\text{if Long}, \\ \text{Position Size}\times \big(\text{Entry Price} - \text{Index Price}\big) \quad &\text{if Short}.\end{cases}

Realized PnL: The profit and loss that has already been realized from (partially) closing the position. It is calculated as the difference between the entry and exit prices multiplied by the quantity closed.

Realized PnL={Size Closed×(Exit PriceEntry Price)if Long,Size Closed×(Entry PriceExit Price)if Short.\text{Realized PnL} = \begin{cases} \text{Size Closed}\times \big(\text{Exit Price} - \text{Entry Price}\big) \quad &\text{if Long}, \\ \text{Size Closed}\times \big(\text{Entry Price} - \text{Exit Price}\big) \quad &\text{if Short}.\end{cases}

How to View PnL on Bluefin

You can access current and historical PnL metrics on Bluefin by visiting the account page Bluefin provides a user-friendly interface to view and manage your PnL across all open and closed perpetual positions.

To view your PnL metrics:

  1. Access your account at

  2. To view realized PnL, navigate to the Account History for a breakdown of all trades at

  3. To view unrealized position PnL, check the Positions table.

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