Getting Started

Welcome to Bluefin v2 - the next generation of on-chain trading, powered by Sui, an innovative Layer-1 blockchain network designed for security and scalability.

  1. Download a compatible wallet:

    You can interact with the Sui network using a supported wallet application. Currently, Bluefin supports the official Sui Wallet and the Ethos Sui Wallet. Please note that browser extensions for these wallet applications are only supported on Chromium-based browsers. The Ethos Sui Wallet also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS, enabling users to access dApps on the Sui ecosystem via mobile devices.

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. Bridge USDC using the integrated bridge

    Perpetual contracts on Bluefin v2 are collateralized using the USDCeth token (i.e., USDC bridged from Ethereum). To trade on the Bluefin v2 exchange, you will need a supported wallet and funds to be used as collateral. You can either bridge funds from another network to the Sui network or on-ramp directly onto Sui. Bluefin provides an interface for the Portal Token Bridge powered by Wormhole, allowing users to bridge assets from Ethereum to Sui and vice-versa while remaining on the exchange. To use the integrated bridge, you will need to take the following steps:

    1. Connect your wallet to the exchange

    2. Click on the Bridge button on the exchange header, next to Deposit

      If you're bridging from Sui to Ethereum, make sure you withdraw funds from the margin bank first

    3. Verify the From and To chains, based on the direction of your transfer

    4. Click on the Connect Wallet button to link your Metamask wallet

    5. Enter the USDC amount you wish to transfer

    6. Review transfer details

    7. Click on the Approve and proceed with transaction button

    8. Approve transaction requests in your wallet application if prompted

      (If bridging from Sui to Ethereum) Click on Redeem Funds

    9. Click on the Wormholescan link to track the progress of the transaction. You will also be notified on the exchange when the transfer is complete

    10. (If bridging from Ethereum to Sui) Once the transfer is complete, deposit your funds

    11. With Wormhole Connect, traders can now bridge assets from Ethereum to Sui and deposit funds into the exchange without leaving Bluefin’s trading interface.

      1. Simply set up a Metamask wallet with USDC.

        1. Transfer your assets by selecting “Bridge” on the Bluefin platform and then “Connect Wallet”

        2. Simply approve the transfer, confirm in Metamask, and the assets will be available for trading

  4. Depositing funds on Bluefin

    1. Connect your wallet to Bluefin

    2. Complete the onboarding flow if you haven't already done so

    3. Click Deposit on the top right of the screen

    4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit

    5. Confirm in the wallet extension pop-up

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