What is the Open Referral Program

The Open Referral program is one of the Bluefin Rewards Programs that provides extra rewards to users by allowing them to refer (i.e. referrer) or get referred by (i.e. referee) other users. It distributes BLUE rewards as a bonus of the Trade and Earn rewards.

Who is eligible for the Open Referral Program

The Open Referral program is open to all users. They can earn rewards for referring users or getting referred by users to trade on the exchange. Users can share their referral link with individuals they wish to invite as their referees.

How does the Open Referral Program Work

All you have to do is refer users to the exchange!

At the end of each epoch, all users who have been referred will receive a 10% boost on the rewards they've accrued through the Trade and Earn program. Furthermore, the referrers will be also receive a 10% boost from their referred users' Trade and Earn rewards.

Important Note:

  • The Trade and Earn rewards eligible for consideration within the Open Referral program encompass those earned after making a referral or being referred by someone else.

  • After the cool-down period concludes, the estimated rewards will be officially determined for the Trade and Earn program, followed by the Open Referral Program. The Open Referral Program is a boost to Trade and Earn rewards.

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