Are my funds safe on Bluefin?
Deposits and withdrawals on Bluefin happen via smart contracts without limits or restrictions. Traders interact only with non-custodial and transparent smart contracts, and no central party has any control over funds and transactions. The best auditors have confirmed the correctness of Bluefin's non-custodial smart contract logic.
Are the smart contracts audited?
At Bluefin, we're dedicated to building an incredibly performant, user-friendly DEX. To support that, we're writing code that meets the highest security and transparency standards and review it frequently to ensure up-to-date best practices are used. While we believe we have done our best to produce resilient and reliable products, we've partnered with the best security auditors in the space - Trail of Bits and PeckShield to audit the contracts and Halborn for a penetration test of the full stack. At full launch, the smart-contract code will be made open-source, and the Bug Bounty Program will commence. We encourage everyone in the Bluefin community to participate in the Bug Bounty Program.
Does Bluefin currently provide spot or margin trading?
No, Bluefin currently supports only perpetual swap markets for any digital asset. In the near future, we plan to offer more trading instruments to traders, aiming to become a one-stop shop in decentralized finance.
What collateral do you accept?
Bluefin uses USDC.e (bridged USDC) as the primary margin token. Initially, USDC.e is the only supported collateral; additional margin assets will be added over time.
What is the margining mechanism?
How does trade settlement work?
Bluefin is deployed on the Arbitrum L2 rollup for near-instant settlement of trades on the exchange, enabling a performant UX with instant balance updates, efficient liquidations, and high leverage.
How do I ask for help and support?
You can request support during the beta launch from the team and our community on Discord - please post your query with a screenshot in the #support channel.