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A decentralized exchange for global financial markets on the Arbitrum and Sui Networks. Self-custody and decentralization without sacrificing best-in-class performance and security. The future of finance is decentralized.
At Bluefin, we believe that everyone should have seamless and secure access to global financial markets. We believe that self-custody and decentralization can and will co-exist with best-in-class performance and security.
We are building the most performant decentralized exchange for global financial markets, using the most innovative blockchain and distributed technology to provide a fluid, seamless, and secure trading experience for both professional and first-time traders alike. Our community believes, like us, that the future of global financial markets is decentralized.

A Decentralized Central Limit Order Book Exchange

Bluefin is a decentralized, order book-based exchange that offers advanced trading strategies, liquid markets, and high-performance APIs. Our goal is to accelerate the onboarding of institutional, professional, and first-time traders to decentralized markets and return value to our community.
Bluefin is powered by a unified Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) and on-chain smart contracts, providing the speed and performance of a centralized exchange with the security, decentralization, and self-custody of DeFi.
The Off-Chain Central Limit Order Book provides traders with extremely low latency and no-cost order posting, enhancing the speed and experience of Bluefin to match that of a CEX.
Bluefin is accelerating the adoption of decentralized markets by matching the performance and experience of a Centralized exchange, with decentralized infrastructure and self-custody.
Order Books provide several advantages over AMMs, allowing professional and Institutional traders to employ their existing infrastructure and trading strategies on the Exchange, accelerating the onboarding of institutional liquidity and flow. Institutional, HFTs, and automated traders can access the highly performant Bluefin exchange through the Bluefin API and SDKs.
Bluefin is non-custodial, giving traders the confidence that they always retain full control of their assets.
Bluefin’s decentralized infrastructure ensures that all assets are held on-chain, and nobody can access or modify customer assets beyond contract actions like liquidations. Additionally, there is no centralized control of trades once matched, as no signature is stored even during a session, and every action must be signed by the user. Lastly, the protocol ensures that no centralized censorship is possible, as all trades sent directly on-chain, bypassing off-chain operators, cannot be edited.

The Next Generation of Defi

Bluefin is live on Arbitrum and currently preparing to launch on Sui. On Sui, Bluefin will offer a level of scale and performance previously only possible on centralized exchanges. The next version of Bluefin will offer:
Exceptional Trader Experience - Bluefin will provide first-time traders with the seamless onboarding experience they are familiar with in Web2 and the speed and security professional traders demand, helping onboard the next million traders to DeFi.
High Throughput & Finality - Sui parallelizes the entire transaction pipeline, not just execution, giving Bluefin the potential to process as many transactions as a CEX.
Composability - We believe many other protocols will come to the same conclusion as us, and build the next generation of DeFi applications on Sui. The composability of Sui will allow us to integrate seamlessly into these applications, providing our Traders with an end-to-end distributed financial ecosystem.
Security - Move was designed from the ground up to streamline secure code deployment and prevent exploitable smart contract vulnerabilities like reentrancy attacks.
Decentralized Order Book - With Sui Bluefin will continue to decentralize its infrastructure, including the Central Limit Order Book without sacrificing performance or security.
Full Financial Markets - Bluefin will offer a full suite of financial products, able to provide a decentralized protocol for spot, futures, options, and potentially TradFi assets such as Forex, Equities, and any other market our community decides to launch.

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